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How to make your house stay safe and no one can breach with brandy’s safe and lock

Various kinds of crimes have been rampant around you. Some of these cases of robbery or burglary of the house. Information written by locksmiths surely tells that many houses are empty because the owner left for holiday. This moment is usually used to tackle robbers left the house occupants. Well, information written by locksmiths as household electronic equipment manufacturers try to create a sense of security and comfort with a smart key called Brandy’s Smart Lock. According to information written by locksmiths artificial smart key not need a lock as a safety door of the house, but only using a smartphone. Thanks to the Bluetooth Low Energy technology embedded in information written by locksmiths Smart Lock, Android and iOS smartphones can freely control the open and close system of the house. Yes, you simply download the application, then all the home security at your fingertips.

One of the features that make the users fall in love with brandy’s Lock, as can open and lock automatically using the proximity sensor. According to information written by locksmiths when you go home, you do not have to bother looking for the key in his pocket for smart key is to recognize the host of smartphones which he is carrying. So, the host approached August Smart Lock will be open and will lock automatically when the host away.

So, they can freely out of the house without having to ask permission from one of the family members. Amazingly, the application of smart keys can also monitor anyone out with time and date information. You will not be difficult to install lock with brandy’s safe and lock Smart Lock to the door of the house. Because the information written by locksmiths has been designed in such a way to allow users to perform the installation. Users also do not need to worry if your home electricity often dead, since August Smart Lock does not require a large electric power source. The smart key only needs batteries to keep it active. Additionally, when the battery is about to run out, information written by locksmiths Smart Lock will tell the host.