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The grades of Carrageenan

Should we continue to write the article about what is carrageenan? It can’t be denied that it becomes the top choice when it comes to using the certain food additive for any food products. Don’t you know? There are two basic grades of carrageenan. Sure, many people are curious about it because they want to ensure that their foods are able to consume every time without causing any bad effects to their health. The United States label both refined and semi-refined carrageenan as carrageenan.

In fact, semi-refined carrageenan contains a higher level of the content of the cellulosic resulted from a less complex production process. If you live in one of these countries, perhaps, carrageenan extraction process is not something rare to find. No matter you live in Indonesia or Chile, you will be easy to find the carrageenan extraction location. It is true that the carrageenan extraction has positive effects on those countries and people who extract it.